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Come meet us in a relaxed almostphere where we can talk about our favorite subject - Books!


2018 Reader & Author Get Together

Date:   June 7-9, 2018

Location:   Cincinnati Marriott North

                 6189 Muhlhauser Rd.
                 West Chester, OH 45069               



Keeper Books Authors Dianna Love, Hildie McQueen, Eric Asher and Jodi Vaughn will be looking to spend time with YOU. In addition to lunches and other conference events, there will be a Keeper Books Authors' Boardroom where you'll have a chance to play games and chat with them in an intimate venue.  Below is the schedule for the boardroom. Be sure to stop by often and keep the free raffle tickets handed out - they are good through the day and night both days!  


USA Today Bestseller Hildie McQueen

New York Times Bestseller Dianna Love

USA Today bestseller Jodi Vaughn

Amazon bestseller Eric Asher



We'll all be rolling in at different times - keep an eye out and say hello when you see us. :) 


FRIDAY – Keeper Books Authors Boardroom (Fairfield 125)

9:15 to 10 AM…”KBA Grand Opening and Guess the Props

Stop by to meet the Keeper Book Authors and receive your first gift plus find out our strange quirks and what we use as “security blankets”.  You may never see us the same way again! HANG ON to the tickets we'll be handing out – they’ll be good for drawings all the time on Friday and Saturday!

10:15 -11 AM…”Welcome To My World!” Take a Trip to our worlds, where anything can happen...and will happen. Warning, you may have to leave this reality.  Jodi Vaughn & Eric Asher

11:15 AM – Noon…”Alternate Endings aka What the Hell Happened? ” Ever wonder if your favorite book was supposed to end differently?  Let’s chat about how the characters change the direction of some of the best stories! Dianna Love & Hildie McQueen

Noon – Boardroom Closed – see you at Lunch!

1:30-2:30PM…We've got it Covered”

Our popular activity is back!!  Create a cover from snippets and lets see how close you come to the authors’ actual cover!  May or may not include heckling from said authors. Dianna Love, Eric Asher, Hildie McQueen and Jodi Vaughn

3:00-7:00PMBoardroom Closed – see you at the book signing and Dinner!  Stop by our tables for special gift!!

7:30PM - ?? "Flash Fiction" - Keeper Authors will come up with stories based on your prompts.  Be gentle with us!!!


 SATURDAY – Keeper Books Authors Boardroom (Fairfield 125)

9-10:30 AM…”Reading and Special Sale!  Join all the Keeper Book Authors as they read a scene from their current series.  Books will be sold at a discounted price and special swag will be given out!! Keep collecting tickets – you can use them all day and night!

10:30-11:30 AMReverse, Reverse Q&A - Relaxing hangout with the Keeper Authors. (budding writers welcome, too)

Come relax and hang out with all the authors. Eric Asher, Jodi Vaughn, Hildie McQueen and Dianna Love

Noon to 8:00 PM… Boardroom closed - See y’all at the Book Signing and Dinner

8:30 - ?  Stud, Muffin or both  Fun interactive game where you will create a hero based on what you’re given!  Kinda like D&D without dungeons or dragons or...okay nothing like it, but you will have to use your imagination!! 

Prizes and Drawing for Grand Prize Basket. Get any buttons you haven't collected.



Meet the authors

  • New York Times bestseller
  • Dianna Love
  • Georgia
  • USA Today bestseller
  • Mary Buckham
  • Washington
  • USA Today bestseller
  • Adrienne Giordano
  • Illinois
  • USA Today bestseller
  • Tracey Devlyn
  • Illinois
  • USA Today bestseller
  • Hildie McQueen
  • Georgia
  • Bestselling Dystopian author
  • Eric Asher
  • Missouri
  • USA Today bestseller
  • Jodi Vaughn
  • Arkansas